Cisco Meraki 1 Gigabit SFPs

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Product Overview

Certified Merkai SFP modules provide connectivity for network uplinks to devices such as other switches or firewalls. The module comes in various configurations to suit your needs. Please see the SFP accessory datasheet for specific SFP capabilities.

  • The short-range copper module is the most common option for server rooms, and is meant for short distances up to 100 meters on standard copper network cabling.
  • The short-range fiber module is meant for transmitting signals shorter distances such as connectivity in the same server room / network closet, up to 220 meters on standard multimode fiber.
  • The long range fiber modules can transmit up to 10km on single mode fiber.
  • Please note, these are certified Meraki modules. While non-certified modules may operate, we cannot provide support for troubleshooting their operation in your equipment.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review